Avoid These Link Building Mistakes

All we know that Link building is not only one of the most important SEO activity but also necessary as it plays a very important role to rank keywords on search engines. Making Links can be very expensive in terms of time and money. Therefore it is necessary get quality links from trusted and good sites. There are some mistakes which are should be avoided when building a link:

1) Backlinks have a “nofollow” attribute
2) Using Wrong anchor texts
3) Getting Image link although text link is possible.
4) Not using ALT text for image link
5) Getting Backlinks from irrelevant theme websites
6) Building backlinks from link farm sites/pages.
7) Links from banned sites
8) Getting links from a Link trader that Explicitly sales links
9) Linking to “bad neighbors”
10) Linking from a page that uses cloaking or some black hat seo techniques
11) links from FFA
12) Links from a site that have canonical issue
13) Linking from a fake PR page


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