Some On-Page SEO Factors

Some On-Page SEO Factors That You Should Keep In Mind for your Site

On Page optimization is the most important and difficult task of search engine optimization. Every webmaster want to be expert in on page but due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to do. With proper on page optimization, your will rank better in search engine.
 1. Sitemaps -  With Sitemap robots easily find all of the pages on the website.
 2. Keywords in your URL – this can help you rank better. In my opinion its not so important for Google but I know for sure that Bing and some other search engines will rank you higher if you have your keyword in your URL.
 3. Title Optimization: Use keyword in your Title
4. Content optimization: Use H1, H2, H3 tag in your body. This can really help you rank higher but don’t overdo it. Maintain Keywords Density, prominence and proximity in the body.
 5. Image Optimization– Use ALT tag for you image with your keywords.
 6. Internal links: For Internal links should contain descriptive keywords – use anchor text.
 7. External Links – Don’t link to bad links (these are websites that google has banned – link farms, spam sites etc),your Page Rank can fall significantly.
 8. Top Level TLD domains – .org , .net , .com seem to rank higher. .Info’s rank lower – that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make .info sites of course if you have good content and good SEO you can get good results.
  9. Changing Meta – Again and again can reduce your rankings. Changing keywords and meta descriptions is bad as well.
10. URL Optimization: Make sure that your url should be static and be short.
11. Robots.txt file: If you want to hide something from search engine crawlers and you don’t want to index pages, then you have to use robot.txt file.

These are very important on-page SEO factors when building a web page. I hope it will help you!


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